As teachers, we have long believed in the effectiveness of individualized education, witnessing its impact every single day when we tutor.

Small groups can now benefit from our expertise in creating and tailoring curriculum that is engaging, challenging, and always implemented according to best teaching practices. 

Micro schooling at SAS is experiential, multi sensory, interdisciplinary and rooted in executive function. In addition to core subjects, our young learners acquire invaluable skills in science, foreign language, problem solving, and cooperation. They attend our program full time. 

The health and safety of our students and teachers are our highest priorities. We follow strict protocols in order to minimize any risk related to Covid.

We invite you to get in touch with us to find out how we can be of help. As a community, we now have the opportunity to rethink how we provide academic education to our children. Let's discover the way forward together.

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