Ideal for elementary school-age learners, Le Petit Français is a comprehensive and playful multisensory method for learning French.

Written by a native French speaker specifically for young children, LPF1 covers the foundations of grammar, pronunciation, conjugation, vocabulary, and culture.

Our colorful book explains the structure of the French language in simple words, with plenty of engaging exercises to keep students motivated and eager to explore. As children acquire solid foundations, they are able to build their knowledge step by step.

Le Petit Français Level 1 explains articles, nouns, adjective agreement, verb conjugation, expressions, how holidays are celebrated in France, and much more.

Level 1 is followed by Level 2


150 pages - in color

Le Petit Français- Level 1

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  • Le Petit Français 1 is printed in color on high quality paper. 

    By the end of the book, students will know how to pronounce nasal vowels, conjugate ER verbs, talk about their families, and so much more!

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