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SAS provides tutoring services for all students in core subjects from remedial to advanced. Our private lessons are personalized, flexible, and effective, often resulting in increased confidence and grades. 

Because we want our students to blossom into actualized and independent life-long learners, we help them develop their executive functions and study skills as we assist them with their school subjects.

We also encourage them to go beyond the acquisition of information and to think critically and creatively as they learn. 


Academic Mentoring is an SAS specialty. 

Our objective is not limited to the improvement of academic performance; we are also concerned with the overall development of our students. 

SAS instructors are often able to form strong

bonds with their students and take on the role of academic mentors. Thanks to the trusting nature

of the mentoring relationship, students welcome guidance and feel supported as they practice new skills, explore new ways of thinking, or develop new habits.

SAS also offers guidance in course selection in middle school, high school, and college, based

on each child's well-being, interests, and objectives. 

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