Nicholas F. 
High School Student

I have been coming to SAS for three years. The teachers are very supportive and have helped me through difficult times in school. They really understand my needs. They have helped me in multiple areas such as math, English, French, and SAT/ACT prep. These teachers are more than teachers, they are mentors.

Amy H.  

We love SAS! The space is so inviting and welcoming. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about working with children, so that they are able to really learn material that has been challenging for them. Whenever my kids are struggling with school work, we know SAS is there to help guide them.

Penny K.  

My two sons are in third and fourth grade and started at SAS for French after transferring out of a private school. At the private school, they had received French instruction from preschool. Their new school did not offer French, and they expressed interest in continuing to learn the language.
In the six months they have studied with Stephanie, they have learned a great deal (grammar, accent and conversation, writing.) They are more excited and enthusiastic than ever about French, and as a parent, that is such an amazing thing to see in a child. SAS does offer a very warm and welcoming environment that makes my boys comfortable and ready to focus. I do prefer the private lesson setting to a group setting for the amount of personal attention my children receive. Stephanie is so creative with her curriculum and mixes traditional instruction with fun learning games. She is very patient and has a superior ability to adjust and customize her teaching. The boys always look forward to their lessons and their progress is incredible. I would very highly recommend SAS!

Elizabeth Roberts 
French Teacher, The Avery Coonley School

Isabelle has provided instruction for many Avery Coonley students, with amazing results. She tutored one of our new students in 8th grade, who had no previous background in French. By the end of the year, she was among the strongest students in the class. Isabelle's lessons are taught with enthusiasm and great care. She has a wonderful rapport with her students. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn French.

Julie G.  

Our daughter has had such a wonderful experience working with SAS over the past few years. The SAS team has not only been great at tutoring her in French, math and test preparation, but they have also been wonderful in helping her discover her strengths and building her academic confidence. Additionally, Isabelle has provided invaluable mentoring support for our daughter across a broad range of areas including deciding what high school to attend, selecting high school classes and developing study strategies that work best for her.  SAS truly cares about our daughter’s success and we are so grateful for their expertise and support.

Kristen M. 

If you are looking for a tutor who can help your child transcend usual expectations, look no further! Nadeen is a pro and a gift to those who learn in a unique manner. She is keenly aware of her students' strengths and capitalizes on how children learn best. Further, Nadeen has given my child a "tool box" of strategies for academic achievement. Prior to meeting Nadeen, my daughter worked with numerous tutors. These tutors focused on a skill and drill process.  Nadeen's approach is different in that she provides her students with systematic procedures to use when completing cognitive tasks. Nadeen's ability to value my daughter's opinions, foster academic confidence, and provide concrete learning strategies is a recipe for success! My daughter says, "Nadeen is the best because she connects with me and shows me how to understand ideas that are tricky for my brain."

Margi J. 

SAS is the whole package!

Whatever your child needs, they are there to help. French, Math, Biology, English... You name it. 

The personal attention and commitment they give to each student is unparalleled.

Knowing that she has the support of the SAS team behind her has made a world of difference for my daughter. 

Cindy B. 

My son absolutely loves Nadeen. She tailors each lesson to his learning style and incorporates his interests to make the lessons fun and engaging. In just one school year, my son improved from barely able to maintain a passing grade to consistently earning "A's". He also improved his standardized test scores almost 25%.

David H. 

Stephanie is a pleasure to work with. She has made learning French engaging and fun for our (sometimes reluctant) teens. By working with her on a weekly basis, they’ve vastly improved their grammatical and conversational skills. As such, their increased understanding of the language has led to a higher rate of completed homework, greater classroom participation, and better test scores, all which has been noticed by their teachers. She gives her students a real life, well rounded understanding of the language as she tutors beyond the text book. Stephanie routinely gets the best out of our kids, and we look forward to many more years to come with SAS!

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